Seafarers Welfare Housing Association (SWHA)

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any concerns please read this collection of frequently asked questions before contacting us. If you are still unclear about something feel free to contact.

Why should I become a member of SWHA?

Since unity symbolizes strength, similarly, SWHA is formed by the unison of seafarers. The association is meant for guiding and assisting seafarers. Hence, by becoming member of SWHA, you will stand a chance to get better returns on investment. You will also come across safe investment while getting guidance and assistance.

Why do I need to enter my INDOS No. to become a SWHA member?

Since SWHA is a platform designed to provide real estate opportunities to its privilege seafarer members only, it wants to check the authenticity of users. Thus, the users need to enter INDOS no. before accessing information like: special rates, payment plans and schemes. These facilities are not available for Non-SWHA members in the market.

Why should I invest through SWHA?

Being an association, SWHA undertakes due-diligence of every project in advance. Members are asked to show their interest in a particular project. A member can invest as an end user or merely as investor wherein, members are eligible to get best returns on their investments.

How can SWHA make a difference for me in investment?

SWHA is run by seafarers who have a broad experience in Real Estate. The team totally understands that mariners’ job profile does not allow them to keep a proper track of their investment. SWHA considers this factor and limits its projects to offer transparent and honest advice to seafarers regarding real estate investment. This helps them to be well-informed and take best decision.

Why should I invest through SWHA when I can get projects directly from developers?

SWHA is a union of seafarers and we form a big community. As a community, we are able to better negotiate the rates with various developers. The developers in turn, ensure the better returns along with the investment and safety. Moreover, the members are protected against any fraud or risk as they invest through our association.

What is SWHA’s message for its members?

SWHA wants all its members to start thinking like Real Estate Investors. They should make the most out of infrastructural growth of India. The investment decisions should be Risk Assessment based with sure rate of returns and not emotion/friendly based. It is a high time that mariners’ community should unite and feel strengthened in the work atmosphere of SWHA.

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